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Friday, March 24, 2017


You are an Erzulliesta. You are your own woman --- always have been and always will be.

You shape your life as how you see fit because you are confident in your own capacity, skills and even limits to make it all happen for yourself or even survive and thrive should things go the other way.

You know what values are important to you and you use it as a guide in living the life that you know you deserve to be in. You are active in creating your own image and path and most of all, you don’t allow others to influence your decisions and perspective without your consent.

You are an Erzulliesta. You know you are worth what you ask for because you work hard to become who you are today. Nothing was handed to you. You earned it because you are worth it. You are a gift to the world that keeps on giving. And you give it with full passion and desire unparalleled by any other.

You are an Erzulliesta. You have your own brand of unique beauty. No one else can take that away from you. And should they try, it’s always futile for you dress in a way that thrills you and makes you win adoration naturally. You have no time to defend yourself to the people who think otherwise because you are too busy being you and enjoying your life.

You are an Erzulliesta. You make your own wealth and are confident that you can provide for your own life. You are not shy to work hard for what you want and deserve. And whatever you flaunt--- from the cheapest baubles down to the show stopping gems, people know that you bought it yourself and no one else did that for you.

But above all, you know that you can definitely achieve anything that you wish to have and become. You can be powerful, beautiful, wealthy and successful in your own terms and way.

Why you ask? Because you are an Erzulliesta, baby. You have the power of Erzullie --- #THEPOWEROFE!

With a lot of passion and fire,

Your Mother Fierce --- Aries De Guzman.

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