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Thursday, May 18, 2017


I know Erzulliestas. You are not afraid of the grind. You are not afraid to work hard for you money because you know you want it all. You want to stack that paper and make sure that your lifestyle’s greatest sponsor (you) is always pleased.

But then again it doesn’t mean you have to “love” what you are currently doing. Sometimes we need to get a bad job while we are waiting for that one good job that will treat us right. I’m not talking about relationships here though (that we can discuss next time). So if you are feeling beaten down by the stresses of your “bad job”, let me remind you about the good things about your “bad job”.

#1 It pays your bills

We can survive life without a bad boyfriend but we definitely need to pay our utilities --- water, electricity, rent and phone to survive. So thank you bad job, for at least paying my bills.

#2 It keeps you busy

A bad job can be demanding, but at least it takes you away from the torture of boredom. Even worse --- being a person with amazing skills --- that can’t even use it!

So at least for now, thank you bad job. Thank you for pushing me further away from being a bum.

#3 It makes you think about your good job

Just like a bad boyfriend (or bad relationship experience of any kind), a bad job can actually make you learn about the good job that you know you deserve. In fact, it makes you realize your worth as a worker and push you to pursue that even more.

Just make sure that the bad job doesn’t take you into a hostage. Keep in mind, “it’s just temporary”.

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