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Thursday, July 27, 2017


And then... there were 6.

Truth be told, we received around 1,200 plus applications this year. As I have said before as well, that gets cut into half immediately because not a lot of models know how to follow instructions. And of course, I have to be fair with the models who did follow. Then after requirements screening, it dwindles down to a quarter. Then I screen the forms even more and we get to the Top 50.

Out of the Top 50, there were 15 slots and out of that only 6 came in for the go-see.

I am going to tell you though, this batch is tough. Tough in the sense that I know these girls really want to be an Icon, understands what it means and is passionate about the fashion we produce. They are not going to go down without a fight. These are 5 full-blood Erzulliestas and 1 newbie. Don't let the newbie fool you though, I got a feeling that she also has a trick up her sleeve to surprise me.

After the go-see, the panel (Erzullie Icons and Plus Size Models, Loren Monares and Chezka Santos were with me, Berna Cuevas and our Marketing Assistant, Dale Villegas) had a discussion about each model and everyone has their own view and perspective about each, it's hard to make a solid conclusion on who should get a slot for the Trial Modeling Project.

But I guess time and the actions of the models will tell and of course, YOU ladies.

Lots of love,

Mother Fierce

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