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Friday, August 4, 2017


What did we tell you about Queens and Goddesses? They all stick together. As they uplift themselves, they also uplift others creating an ever growing group that only knows elevation and adoration for each other.

And that is the group that you have my dear Erzulliesta. You know Erzulliestas are all queens and goddesses in their own right. They can even be amazons and healers to each other when needed. We recognize each other for the woman that we are and accept both strengths and weaknesses as tools that will advance each other to their full potential.

Point of the matter is, Erzulliestas got each other's back and are always ready to support each other when needed. They shop together and achieve together as a group. A success of one is the success of all. And when one forgets about her strength, Erzulliestas are there ready to remind her.

It's our thing. Every member of our group is as powerful as the next plus size woman next to her and we draw strength from each other's specialty and uniqueness. And with this fierce alliance at hand, we are confident in life knowing we walk in the battle of life with our sisters' well wishes and friendship.

Let me straighten that fierce Erzullie outfit for you, Erzulliesta. We all got this. With #THEPOWEOFE, we will all succeed.

Mother Fierce

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