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Thursday, August 10, 2017


We always joke around about rounding up the girls when one of us get hurt by someone or something. But then again, jokes are half-meant isn't it?

You know that as an Erzulliesta, your sisters will always have your back. And while one Erzulliesta is already overwhelming, one can only imagine the impact a group can make.

So remember, before you feel like a weakling, you are only as good as the sister next to you. And you know very well that she is an Erzulliesta just like yourself--- one of the strongest plus size woman you have ever met.

Don't doubt yourself. You have strong sisters and you have earned your place among them because you have the strength that can rival and compensate with and for them. All of you have #THEPOWEROFE.

Glad to have you back my dear Erzulliesta. Now get back out there and win the war.

Mother Fierce

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