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Sunday, September 24, 2017


I am feeling a little down lately, Erzulliestas. There are a lot of changes going on in my life right now and one thing about me is that I love a good routine. It keeps me from making more decisions in my life (and goodness knows in this line of career that I have it's always about choices) and keeps things simple for me.

So when changes happen, and of course they do, I am here left feeling unsettled, uprooted and generally vulnerable.

I don't like that --- "vulnerable". There are times, of course, that being one is needed, but for me I always have to choose to toughen up. It's just my personal preference. And usually to combat that experience, I see myself looking for inspiration. And as a bookworm --- of course, I turn to books.

But none of these books gave me motivation and answers. In fact, I feel like I know these things already and it's not related to my situation right now. I am still feeling vulnerable and lost.

Then, with the guidance of the random Universe we live in, I find myself browsing the Erzullie blogs again just for fun. With it, I remembered this article that really came from my heart and something that until now holds true for me. It was the article "HOW TO BE SINGLE WHILE TAKEN".

I actually wrote that more than a year ago. It was a cataclysmic experience for me that definitely shaped my whole life that it is today. As I read it, I flashed a smile on my face and realized that this was the answer that I was looking for. Funny how the saying, "the answer is always inside of you", always proves to be true.

It is at this point that I have realized that this is one good secret about self-love that everyone should know --- write down those empowering moments in your life and keep it somewhere you can always have access to.

Writing down those stories of empowerment and victory over obstacles will make you realize and believe in your own strength and you can take "her" word for it --- it was you!

In this case, the words that I wrote way before that article was published created a stir inside of me. It gave me the courage and strength that I needed to move on from the "vulnerable" feel that I have inside. I guess it was the combination of wisdom, challenge and overcoming those obstacles that made that past article all the more appealing to me. The wisdom that I wrote there was the wisdom that I needed to go forward this moment.

So past self, good job. I am taking this new found secret into the future. And as for you my dear Erzulliesta, start writing one, recording one or doing anything that appeals to you that will preserve that moment --- today.


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