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Tuesday, January 16, 2018


Erzulliestas are empowered plus size women. They already know that they are hot, sexy, powerful, beautiful and easily wealthy. But just in case my women need to remember the reasons why... here it is:

#1 You are an Erzulliesta --- of course!

I have said it before and I will say it again. An Erzulliesta is an empowered plus size woman. She already know her value and beauty from the get-go. She was lucky enough to know it since birth!

And even better? She knows how to defend it. It's one thing you know that you are sexiest thing to walk on the planet, it's another to actually live it. And you, my dear, Erzulliesta --- knows how down to every cell.

#2 You use both your strength and weakness to move forward.

One way that makes an Erzulliesta special is that she values her weaknesses as much as her strengths. Even better, she uses it to move forward to her goal.

How you ask? Here's an example.

An Erzulliesta at work is a queen of her empire, but when she knows that she is not computer savvy, she owns it. She goes down to the IT department and asks for help in the most polite manner. Winning over the IT girl/guy, she gets her PC fixed and what does that mean? Deadlines met at the end of the day.

Strength + Weakness = Goals Achieved.

#3 You celebrate women around you.

Erzulliestas know that she is queen and in the land of beauty, there are many. And to her, she knows that's a good thing. It means that she belongs in a society that is progressive, positive and of course --- revolutionary!

After all, fierce women make fierce groups, yes?

And the reason that this makes you fierce is that this point of view comes from a point of power, which then begets power. It can only go forward from there.

#4 Style assembly not entirely required. 

Let's face it. In a world where everyone is dashing from one commitment to another, it's a miracle that you are still able to wear that hot Erzullie dress and pair it with your on-point make-up and hair.

Where do you get the time? People often wonder. Well, as an Erzulliesta, it's always about prioritization. Put yourself first and the rest you will definitely deliver.

#5 You know you are sacred and with that in mind, you discern very well.

Discern who gets your time, attention, love, money and life. Because you know your value is very high, of course, only the best kind of spirit gets to enjoy it with you. And that kind of thinking can be hard.

You may find yourself being disappointed by other people around you. But then again, you know that's a good thing. The last thing you need is someone being an emotional and financial vampire in your life. You're a goddess! You have power over those vampires. Vanquish them to their turf!

And the reason that you are fierce this way is that it is easier to actually "get comfortable" and "feel safe" with these "false disguises of a secure relationship". You know the truth. A true, authentic and growing relationship will get hard and good at the same time and it's the way that you and this person handles it together that will ultimately determine whether or not this one is for keeps (or toss)!


Erzullie is an invite-only fierce plus size fashion designer brand from the Philippines dedicated to serving the style of the empowered Erzulliesta. Shop online: