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Friday, April 6, 2018


One time, I was looking through social media and I saw this woman berating another woman for judging another woman's sexuality by also berating that woman's sexuality.


Let me break it down for you...

"You cannot comment about *** pregnancy out of wedlock when you were just given ice cream and you immediately parted your legs and expect him to stay with you for a long time!"

To add "sprinkles" to that ice cream, I actually know this woman and it is actually a bit sad to see her say it this way, given that she has also done the ice cream route before. In fact, as she has told me, multiple times.

I rarely talk about sexuality here in the Erzullie blog because mainly we are about fashion. But since our campaign is about unleashing your #WILDCURVES and never apologizing for who you are and what you represent, I think that it is finally time to address it.

My personal rule is simply this, "If you are not dipping your fingers in someone's vajimjam and putting it on your tongue after, then whatever that person does with her vajimjam is none of your business."

Also, I love this little thing that "Courtney Act"  said in this youtube episode, (go to 7:36) where she said that if you stop judging others, then you also see that you are also not judging yourself as much.

Keep that to thought, my dear Erzulliesta. Go and own your #WILDCURVES and encourage women all around you to do so.

Your sexuality, your way. Just own it.

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