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Friday, June 22, 2018


Thoughts? This is an Erzullie lightweight maxi pants from 2011. 7 years and still looking brand new.
To some of my women who follow me in my personal account in Instagram (mother_fierce), you may have seen my sudden escapade to Panglao, Bohol. Okay, not so sudden… planned it last 2017. Haha.

I have decided to stay there for 2 weeks and have my own experience of “eat, pray and love” (Damn you, Liz Gilbert. WHY DO YOU WRITE THE WORDS OF MY SOUL? Lol). Truth be told, it is very insightful. But that would be for the next articles. This is just me telling you about the stay itself.

If you are looking for an actual provincial experience head on to Natura Vista. One thing I can tell you is that it is exactly as how people would describe it in terms of infrastructure and people. The setting is cute. The people are great human beings.

I have found them via AIR BNB. Now, they are situated near the beach (2 minute walk tops!) BUT it is quite a walk/scooter adventure to go from the hotel to the main road. It is maximum of 30 minutes to Alona Beach, where the famous Buzz Café and beach pumping Hennan Hotel is located. You can take a tricycle (ask the receptionist), ask Natura for a car or just take a scooter and go. (Go for a scooter!)

If you want to have a nearby swimming pool experience, just ask the receptionist if you can visit the nearby Mithi hotel. If there are not a lot of humans, Mithi will let you in. Now, mind you… the food there is not my preference. I personally love the cook in Natura Vista better --- brown nice, no msg and just yummy Boholano cuisine.

Now, going to Mithi, I highly suggest to just get a scooter. The receptionist will say that you can just “walk it off”, you can if you want, but it’s really a long walk. TRUST ME ON THIS ONE.

The beach near Natura, for me, a notorious beach wader, is perfect already. Despite the review that it is not swimmable, it is actually swimmable at certain points of time (6am-12nn is your best bet for high tide). The place has patches of sea grass. Please be careful when you step on them --- STARFISHES ARE EVERYWHERE lol.

I think in my two-weeks of stay and swimming there, there are barely any jellyfishes… 2 (1 small and 1 big one in different days. The clarity of the water will make you see them immediately, which is a good thing and they happen in the morning). Sea urchins? I did not see them, but bring your aqua shoes to be safe.

The water is clean and for a public fisherman village beach, white sand-wise, it is relatively clean. There are actually some fishermen that go out in the morning to clean it up. But again, beaches will be beaches. Trash gets washed up there even if you constantly become on guard 24/7. What can I say? Humans. 

The fishermen there are respectful people. I wore a bikini there and they gave me that look of ambivalence. They do not care what size you are and what you look in the bathing suit. They are used to seeing foreigners doing and wearing whatever they want.

In fact, the funniest things happened there… I went there wearing a bikini and there was this plus size Filipino fisherman with his net walking on the beach happy about his catch, wearing probably the most NEON G-STRING swimwear I have seen on a man all my life. He was old. Probably in his 40’s and 50’s. He looked at me, tapped his big tummy and gave me 2 thumbs up then walked off.

I laughed. This man gets it. 

Now the beach in Mithi? Absolutely swimmable. They really landscaped the place so that you can swim in there without the sea grass and the small strip of clean white sand is cute. Swimming pools are also great --- the water was warm when I got there. There are mosquitoes (as any part of the world – don’t worry, it’s not like it’s a plague. Just presence). So make sure that you got your insect repellent aside from your sunblock.


Part II next week.

Lots of love,

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