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Tuesday, July 17, 2018


You know, I just had a thought. I was again reading the book, “Thriving Through Uncertainty”, and there was a small note there that said, “Dare to feel the love of the Universe”. Okay so it is not exactly a direct quote, but that was the meaning of it. And it made me think --- what if, for one day we just dared to “feel that our body is the sexiest and fiercest thing we have ever received in this entire Universe?”

I mean, I know that for the full-on Erzulliestas that would be from the moment they woke up, but for those who are also still on the journey to just let it all out, what if for one day you just allowed yourself to feel that you are the sexiest and fiercest thing that ever walked on this planet? Like, forget what happened in the past and do not care about the future. 24 hours of just you feeling yourself like Beyonce in her world tour.

I bet that would be glorious. I bet that would be an amazing experience. I bet it’s a fun experiment to do to say the least.

If 24 hours feel like it is too much, why not try for an hour --- even a minute! Just try! Baby steps. Allow yourself to feel your own fierce curves. Your own #WILDCURVES and just let go.

There is only things to gain.

Lots of love,

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