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Monday, October 17, 2011


October 17, 2011
9:07 AM


Since the surge of a lot of model and icon applications to us, I got inspired to post some tips that may help you girls get booked (here in Erzullie or in other fabulous plus size projects).

I have been having go sees for different brands since 2008, so this is just accumulated model wisdom from 3 years of experience. This is also based on my selection preferences when it comes to selecting Icons and Models for the brand.

I am not a MODEL GODDESS... never will be. Just a human being working her way through life and picking up lessons as she goes.


Submit professionally done photos, even if it is not stated there. Why? It shows how serious you are to this project. Even if you are an amateur, submitting professionally done photos can actually help you getting favor for this project. It at least shows that you willing to be professional in this project.

Submitting phone camera photos are never a good thing. It is often blurred and obviously, unprofessional.

When you do get photos professionally done, for first timers, it would be great if you have the following:

1. Close up beauty shot with minimal make up
2. Close up beauty shot with full on make up

3. Profile beauty shot with minimal make up
4. Profile beauty shot with full on make up
5. Whole body commercial pose
6. Whole body editorial pose
7. Whole body catalogue pose

Close up is the one where you are directly facing the camera and it shows your whole face, down to your neckline.

Profile is when the side of your face is the one facing the camera.

Commercial pose is the one when you are like in a "commercial" for a product. You are not necessarily selling something but you are inviting people to take a look at the product in a subtle manner.

Editorial pose are the ones with contorted poses most of the time. It's more artistic. Think of editorial shots in the magazines

Catalogue pose is the one deliberately selling something through posing with the product.

In addition, for first timers, I usually advice that you have one with white background on it. This actually gives you a cleaner look for your portfolio.

Organize your photos in a PORTFOLIO book. Mind you, this is different from a set-card. A Set-Card is a photo card usually 5R where your details (Name, Age, Mobile Number, Email and Vitals), close up photo, half body photo and whole body photo are all placed inside. Should you have one, make sure that the details are readable and the photos are clear. Set cards can be given to the clients but portfolio book should always be given back to you.

Going back on the portfolio book, this is the accumulation of your work as a model. There is actually no written law on how to arrange it, as far as I know. However, by experience, start out with a nice close up beauty shot with minimal make up, then build it from there.

Your portfolio should take the client into a ride on your skills as a model. So it does not need to be arranged chronologically. It's a presentation, that book. So make sure that you build your background first, set drama, build a peak, solution and conclusion (which should be a happy ending).


In submitting requirements, make sure that you read the INSTRUCTIONS 10 TIMES and fully understand what you are getting into. Nothing irritates a client more than a model that does not think before doing anything!

To us, if you cannot follow a simple instruction, what more if we start directing you on the set?

To tell you honestly, the 411 girls was immediately cut in half because these models did not follow instructions.

FOLLOW THEM ON THE DOT. This shows how great you are in understanding simple instructions and does not waist the time of the client.


Although this is not universal, it actually helps if you know the brand that you are representing. This will actually help you in arranging your portfolio and knowing what kind of poses do they need to see in the go see. Furthermore, it would also show your sincerity that this "modelling gig" is more than just a job to you. It is also your passion.

Knowledge about the brand is a plus definitely. Know the image that they usually project, who are the owners, why they are important (according to them, not to you) and also what are the current trends they are showing. 

Personally, nothing irks me more, than a model not knowing the brand. It already shows how insincere this person is, and is only looking for fame, which distracts her from the real reason why I am hiring her --- to model for me.


Yes, you got the look. Yes, you got the portfolio. Yes, you got the experience.

But ultimately, if your attitude sucks, chances are the client won't work with you. YOUR CLIENT IS YOUR FUTURE BOSS. Showing them how great you are, to the point that you are ABOVE THEM, is definitely a NO.

Let your work talk for you. Nothing says REAL REPUTATION, than actual reputation, talking for you. If you are really great as you say you are, there is absolutely no need for you to say it to the client's face.

Talk when spoken to. Take interest in the client but don't grill them.


Watch professional runway shows in official sites of great designers and watch how these models walk.

Plus Size Model Go-Sees most of the time, requires you to walk, so make sure that your walk is powerful but not angry, poised but not forgettable.

So, for now that is it. I hope that this helps you in your future endeavors.


Aries De Guzman