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Monday, November 7, 2011


November 6, 2011
11:08 pm


We have just celebrated Erzullie's First Birthday at the Global Pinoy Bazaar at Rockwell. We would like to thank all of the fabulous women and men that visited our stall and bought from us. We would also like to thank our loyal customers that since the start of this business, you have showed your love, belief and most important of all --- support.

I actually would like to thank more people... because Erzullie for me, is not only a work done by me and Berna, a lot of other people contributed to our success. Below are the people/beings that we wish to thank for making Erzullie happen:

1. The Divine --- without you, we are nothing. 

2. The customers --- without you, we are also nothing. It was because of your belief about the brand and demand that we exist. Thank you.

3. Our depression --- if you have not come to our lives, we would not be able to say 'enough' to you and turn you around into something wonderful a.k.a. the birth of Erzullie.

4. The Media --- there are a lot... but the first people that believed in us RIGHT AWAY is (at the same time), Manila Shopaholic and Manila Inspire, so thank you. Other media people that featured us like Manila Fashion Observer, Manila Bulletin, Fabric, Business Malaya, Preview, Cosmopolitan, The Mall, FBTL Manila (now, one of my closest friend), Manila Streetstyle, Kikay Exchange, Full Figure Plus and so on --- thank you for helping us introduce ourselves to the public. You have definitely placed us on where we are right now. Thank you.

5. The nanays --- the nanays of Taytay that we are supporting. Yes, all of our products are sourced locally because well... they are the best! You women are so strong and inspirational. Without you, our customers would still be naked by now. Hahahahaha.

6. My man --- for always telling me and reminding me of my strength when I fall...

7. The Icons --- KRISTEL, KAT, JAYE, MARIAN, KHRIS AND JHAKI... you girls are a proof to me that the Divine does exist. It's like the Divine already made you beforehand because the Divine knew that I would need fantastic, professional and inspirational models for my line. Erzullie is Erzullie because of you girls. Thank you for trusting me and being my friend.

8. My staff --- from the driver to our associates, thank you for making our logistics flow nicely every bazaar/production.

9. Organizers of Bazaar --- specifically, Global Pinoy (where we have launched our fashion line). You guys are awesome and also Super Sale!, The List and Trendsetter's Bazaar organizers, thank you very much for giving us great avenues for showcasing and reaching our customers!

10. My family --- specifically my brother who helped me in both ingress and egress every time our business' driver is not available. Thank you!

11. My in-house glam team/family --- That includes the original cast (Acie, Jopee and Emily) and as well as my new additions! (Michelle, Louis) thank you for making my icons always so fabulous!

12. The in-house models --- we all go way back and I am eternally grateful for all the support (for the originals) and to also my new ones! (BONGGA KAYO LAHAT! ^^)

13. Social Media Sites --- Thank you for existing. Because of you, we find more women just like us and we love it.

14. Failure and mistakes --- as you wear born into my life and wreck havoc ... you also died so that wisdom be born for me. Thank you. Such a great sacrifice. 

15. BAZAAR FRIENDS --- Rome, 'Peace, Love & Fashion', Mapleberry, Pirouette, Flattering Tops, Heiress, Koi Swimwear, Rajj and Cultus (you girls are the bomb! Our bazaar days are always extra funny with you in it!) 

The list can actually go on... I just want to thank EVERYONE... EVEN THOSE THAT I HAVE MISSED... THANK YOU!!!!!

Here is to more Erzullie to come!


Aries De Guzman