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Tuesday, March 8, 2011


MARCH 8, 2011
12:19 PM

Today is Women's Day. I would like to send out some love to all the women, specifically to my extra sexy ones.

I actually want to share my thoughts too about women's day.

For me, it's wonderful that someone came up with this idea because as women, there is so much to celebrate for! Sure there are the usual issues but we are WOMEN and issues are nothing to stop us celebrating ourselves!

Top reasons why I love being a woman:

1. We have a way of showing and hiding power, that men have a hard time to decipher.

We cry when we are happy. We smile when everything is going bad. We are soft, yet in the sensing of urgency, we can definitely kick as hard as a horse! We impose power with grace. We dress gallantly within a budget. We understand but be firm for our own beliefs.

2. We can multitask like there is no tomorrow and we do it well.

Even if you are single, you are still going to juggle: career, friends, family, society and time for yourself.

If you are taken, you are going to balance: love, career, friends, family (if your married, sometimes both your nucleus family and your immediate), society and yourself.

Sometimes I find it fascinating, how do we all do it in one day?

3. We can wear anything we want.

You have to admit, we have more fashion options than men. Thus, more ways to express one's self. It also means that society is open to the fact that one moment is indeed different for another... it's because we are all unique.


Aries De Guzman