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Thursday, October 13, 2011


OCTOBER 13, 2011
8:35 AM

We have received this heartwarming and funny letter. ^^ She wanted us to post the answer through our blog as she was sure other people wanted to know the answer as well. ^^ Kaloka. HeheheheThank you so much for this. Here it is!

Dear Erzullie,

I am a fan of your fashion line since the first day I have seen it. I am so fascinated with the way you girls make plus size --- high fashion. It's amazing! 

I love all of your current Icons. I love Jhaki for her style (I read her blog). I love Khris because I think that she is fabulous and we have the same body type (I am a size 2L-3L sa line ninyo). Kapag nakikita ko siya, naiisip ko din na fabulous ako. *** Whenever I see her, I think that I am also fabulous *** I love Marian because of her "bra photo". 
Actually the "bra photo" was the most epic photo of Erzullie for me because well... IT'S A BRA PHOTO OF A PLUS SIZE WOMAN AND SHE LOOKS SO HOT IN IT!

How I wish I would be able to do what she did!

Anywhoo, your brand inspired me because Erzullie transforms women. When I read Marian's interview, my observation was proven right. I remembered when I bought my first Erzullie, I have never felt braver to wear pencil skirt and sleeveless!

I actually want to thank you for making you fashion line because I need it. I love you girls because you girls are actually plus size (1L pataas) *** (1L and bigger) so alam ninyo ang kailangan natin *** so you know what we need***. Your blog posts give us options on clothes and how to wear it for ourselves. Kapag binabasa ko ang blog ninyo, hindi ko nararamdaman na kailangan kong maging katulad ninyo. ***When I read your blog, I do not feel that I need to be just like you *** It's more on "O eto, baka gusto mo, kasi puwede sa iyo. Kung hindi mo feel ang advice ko, eh di gawan mo ng paraan para sa sarili mo." ***You might like this, because this is okay for you. If you don't like my advice then make it work for you.***

You allow us, as readers, to think for ourselves about ourselves. You tell us and give us options on what we can be.  Hindi ko nga alam kung weird pero, yung blog ninyo, hindi lang basta inspiration... it's about transformation!  ***I don't know if it's weird but, your blog is not just about inspiration...***

And!!! You girls never hailed yourselves as celebrities or even planned to be one. I love the reflection of humility!!!! Parang nakagawa kayo ng ibang level na pareho pa rin tayo ng level. Parang may level kayo na bago sa loob ng level na ngayon... Hahahahaha.  ***It's like you have made a new level but still the same level. It's like you girls have a level that is new but still at the present one.***

I also love the way that you girls write your blog. It sounds like you girls are talking to us. It has a lot of personality. It's fun! Specially when Aries writes, "amazeballs" and "fantasticles".

Which brings me to my question...

Whenever, I would read Jhaki's blog or yours, you girls look so put together always (amazeballs and fantasticles!). Does that really happen? Is that really the case?

I hope it's okay to ask. 

Janey A., Makati City

Dear Janey A.,

Thank you for this letter. I really adore it. It tickled my funny bone as well. Kaloka. (Makes me crazy!) hehehehehe. Thank you also for supporting the brand. We really appreciate it. The more support we get, the more we can make this brand stay longer. ^^

For this question, "Whenever, I would read Jhaki's blog or yours, you girls look so put together always (amazeballs and fantasticles!). Does that really happen? Is that really the case?"
I will answer only for myself at this point. I have yet to get Jhaki's answer. ^^ For me no, I do not look like that always. In fact, as I type this answer to you, I am wearing a Resort 2011 brown maxi dress and tsinelas, no make up, no combing of hair.

I only post photos that would give ideas to other plus size women on how to fashion their Erzullie items. Part of the fun. Hehehehe.

I also get my fierce on when there is an occasion --- bazaar, business meetings, model meetings, dates, fashion shows --- o kaya kapag trip lang talaga. (or if I just really feel like it).

I dress up depending on what I am feeling and what I need to do. As much as I want to wear my Janylyn's every time, those things hurt when I wear them for a long period of time. Tao lang din ako... nasasaktan at nagdurugo. Naks! (I am also human. I get hurt and bleed. Yes!)

Also, I have my own down days. There are times that even I know that I am a fashion disaster.

So I hope that next time you see my blog post on Erzulliefied, these are moments when, yes I am Erzulliefied in both fashion and spiritual sense. Am I Erzulliefied every day? Fashionably, no, not everyday but spiritually? yes!

"Erzulliefication" as I define it would be the ability to get your fierce on whatever you have on. Being fierce is about being empowered as you and only you.

So I hope that I have answered your question. ^^ Thank you again for such a fabulous letter.

Super hugs!

Aries De Guzman