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Tuesday, May 29, 2012


MAY 29, 2012
5:23 AM


I have actually been receiving a lot of inquiry about Krave Minerale Cosmeceuticals since we have collaborated with them for our current Resort 2012 collection (purchase it here: I know that I have answered some individually, but I had a request that I actually answer this letter publicly so that it would benefit others who are also curious about it as well.

So here is the letter:

Dear Erzullie,

 I have heard about Krave Minerale Cosmeceuticals and saw that you girls actually collaborated with them for your photo shoot. Do the products really work or are you just saying it because it's part of the agreement of your collaboration? Did you photoshop the photos of your "Just You" photos or do your models actually look like that? 

Sorry for the direct questions. I just really want to know the answer. Please post it to your blog as I check that more than my email. I'm pretty sure other girls are curious about it too.

Mariel Guezza, Makati City


All your questions are valid. In fact, as a consumer myself, I have also wondered at times if people said something because it's part of their agreement or it's really just one honest opinion about it. So no need for apologies.

We actually collaborated with Krave Minerale because I, personally, have tried the make up products used in the photoshoot (eye shadow, face mist, lip gloss, mineral blush, loose mineral foundation and liquid foundation) before I have allowed it to be used on my models. Krave Minerale, at that time, is obviously new and definitely, I would like to test it on myself and see if it is really safe, before I allow it to be used on any of my models.

I must say that that I was very impressed with the products and if you google "krave minerale" I actually agree in most of the reviews posted about the products that I have tried.

For the eye shadow, we actually have to put in a little water for it to work fully on the models. We went a little soft on color since the lashes (by Ravish) is the one that we want to focus more for that part. However, once you get a hang of it, it's amazing.

For the face mist, I actually did it before and after I have applied liquid and mineral foundation. All throughout the shoot, there was really minor to no touch up needed for it.

For the lip gloss, we absolutely love the colors we have used the colors are in fact, for us, good enough to pop out on the shoot (check out the photos) and this is with flash and lights. So you can imagine the effect it gives on a normal day to day lighting.

One of our favorite items in the whole bunch is the mineral blush. Berna and I cannot stress this enough. It's just the right hint of color on your cheeks and at least for us, it lasts the whole day! We absolutely love it!

Now, the loose mineral foundation and liquid foundation, for me, is the most incredible thing. To be honest, when we used it on our Erzullie Icon and Plus Size model, Loren Monares, the color was too dark for her face and we were worried that it's not going to work. But then, after applying the mineral foundation and facial mist, bam! It blended. I can't explain how but it just did. Well, you can just judge on the photos.

For the "Just You" photos, you should know that there was no photo shop involved (we only placed the words there and that is it) for you girls to actually know that this is how Krave Minerale Cosmeceuticals really works as is. Of course, it helps that my models are naturally beautiful (naks!) but I must admit that you can just see from the photos, the effectivity of the products that we have used.

So in conclusion, we have used the product not because the agreement said so it's because it ACTUALLY WORKS (at least for us) because I have tried it personally and no, we did not touch any of the faces in the "Just You" photos because that was the concept --- no need for it --- "Just You".

Hope this helps.