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Thursday, June 7, 2012


JUNE 7, 2012
5:45 AM

Sorry for the late post ladies. @_@ Things got super hectic. This is the last part of the Erzullie Icon Interviews! Get to know more of Loren M.!

When I met Loren M. in the plus size model go-see, I was very impressed with her walk that my jaw dropped. It was something about the way that she presented herself that had "Erzullie" written all over. It was special. I just hoped thereon that she would also apply as an Erzullie Icon. --- Aries D.G., on what Loren M. did to impress her

1.       Name 

Loren Mae E. Monares

2.       Occupation 

Certified Public Accountant – Currently a Financial Specialist in a German Investment Bank

3.       Before you became an icon, what was your journey as a plus size woman? What was the meaning of being ‘plus size’ to you? Why?

         Even before being an Erzullie ICON, I have been spending my life inspiring others to love themselves. My size has never been a hindrance for me to reach my dreams and become successful. Way back in my childhood, I remember a lot of high school students pinching my cheeks. I asked my parents why they loved teasing me. Mommy said: “Because they find you cute that’s why.” From then on, I always believed that I am cute and beautiful which gave me the confidence to face everyone. Thanks to my parents then!

        I have always been active. In high school I went through training for CAT officer, performed (acting, dancing and singing) on stage, climbed a 50 feet wall during our Ayala Congress, and a lot more. How can a plus size woman do all that? My tip: It’s all in the mind! Believe that you can do anything. No matter how thin or big you are, anything is possible! ;)

4.       Before you were an Icon, were you already able to come into terms with your body? If yes, how did you come about accepting yourself as plus size? If no, go to the next question.
       Yes, I never considered myself different. I just basically did what i want to do and never doubt my capabilities because of my size. You define your own happiness. It's a choice that you have to take. Learn to be contented with what God has given you and make the most out of that life to share His blessings to others.

5.       What triggered you to accept yourself as a plus size woman? Why?

Every step of my journey, i discovered so many great things about myself which made me love myself more and more each day.

6.       As an Erzullie Icon, you did some fashion projects, what was your most favorite and memorable? Why?

         My most memorable fashion project was when I took part of the Erzullie Holiday 2011 Fashion Show. Memorable for one, because it was my first fashion show ever! Second, because it was a fashion show with a mixture of slim and plus size models. When you say “fashion show,” what comes into my mind are beautiful dresses, runways, spotlights, and starvation in preparation for the show. But the funny thing is, being a plus size model you have the privilege to eat before, during, and after the fashion show. At that point somehow I felt lucky. Some of my co-models even brought some snacks after we just had our lunch! As a result, Erzullie models were full of energy during the runway which hyped the audience. Third, some players from the Philippine Azkals team modeled with us. Last but not the least, I met new friends. Lots and lots of new friends!

7.       How did being an Erzullie Icon, in general, change you as a plus size woman? Did it enrich you or you just feel the same about it? How so and why?

When I became an Erzullie ICON, it gave me the opportunity to inspire more plus size women. I became more inspired to share that positive mind set with others. This led me to be more active on different social sites such as twitter, facebook and my very own blog site. It may sound simple posting pictures and sharing stories in those social networks, but for me, it’s not just about posting photos and writing blogs. It’s more of sharing those moments and hopefully making other plus size women empowered. You can be fashionable and beautiful regardless of size.

                Initially, my reason for joining Erzullie was to gain experience and exposure. When I made it through the screening, and started being an icon, I realized that I became a part of Erzullie for a greater purpose. It was not solely for myself, but also for other women whom I have inspired.
Bottom line is, Erzullie ICON has been a blessing for me and I will always cherish every moment of this.

8.       During your iconship, you have met other people who are also part of the plus size community from regular customers to people actually working on the field of the plus size fashion industry, did that change your perception of what plus size is? How and why?

                     Since I became part of the Erzullie family, my perception of plus size was just reconfirmed. I always believe that size is just a number, and that it shouldn’t stop you from doing what you want or achieving your dreams. In my life, I have met so many dynamic, successful and beautiful women. I then realized that the old perception of fashion industry has changed. Before, it is normally associated with slim women. Now, I am grateful that regardless of what your size is, women are given equal opportunities to make it to the runway.  I’m thankful that our society has eventually acknowledge the beauty that plus size women have to offer. I admire specifically my plus size friends who have ventured and are successful in the fashion industry, from brilliant designers to sexy models and to fashion line business owners. Way to go girls! Stay empowered.

9.       To you then, what is plus size? Is it about measurement or outlook? Elaborate

                 My perception of “size”, in general, is it’s just a number. It doesn’t define you as a person. It shouldn’t stop you from doing what you want to do or reaching your dreams. It shouldn’t let you feel less beautiful.

10.   What is your message to the plus size community, in general? What do you think is the most important thing that they should know about how they should handle their body right now?

       It all starts in you. There is more to life than you could ever think of. Start loving yourself, if you haven’t yet. You must realize that God created you, and that God made everything beautiful. It’s just a matter of outlook in life. Life is short, so make the most out of it! For those who have accepted themselves and are soaring high in reaching their dreams, well done!

Let’s always remember that the world is diverse, and it is diversity that makes the world more colorful. This makes the world more fun and exciting! ;)