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Friday, January 18, 2013



Hello Erzulliestas!

We know that you must be curious as to who is this fabulous female that has been painting GLAMOUR and BEAUTY all over our recent plus size editorials. Well here is a small feature about her. Her name is Azaza Rodriguez, an Erzulliesta and one amazing MAKE-UP ARTIST. Get to know her with 11 questions.

1. Name:
Ma. Marcquezza Rodriguez

2. Age:
23 going onto 24 this 2013

3. Erzulliesta since:
Since 2011

4. My first Erzullie clothing was ... I love it because ...
My first Erzullie clothing was the Yule 2011 printed black and white leggings with the garter on the side (yes I looked at the website for the details lol). I love it because it is my first ever printed leggings and it helped me open up my mind into looking at more adventurous style of leggings, not just the basic black or brown plain leggings. I also love dressing it from a rocker chic or punk or something I use to make my outfit more interesting, it is really more versatile than it looks.

5. Profession: 
I do have a regular office job but on the side I am also a make up artist

6. Why did you choose to be a Make-Up artist? 
I choose to be a make up artist because as I got more into it, it just grew to be more of my passion. And ever since I was a kid I always did love to play with make up, I just didn't think it would become something I could do to gain extra income.

7. How did you get started in being one?
After practicing on my own for a while and awakening my passion for it I decided to enroll in a certificate make up course, I didn't advertise myself after I finished since I was still feeling a little shy but then I started getting comments that I did my make up well, my friends got compliments on their looks when I did their make up. So after that I decided to tell others that I am a make up artist for hire, created a simple calling card and that was the start of it.

8. So far, how is your work as a make-up artist? What is your most memorable styling gig, so far?
It has been slow since I only started late last year and I wasn't even that agressive in advertising my services but it is slowly picking up. The gigs I most remember right now would be the photoshoots and a small fashion show that I did with a few other artists.

9. As a make-up artist, what do you think is the most difficult part of your job?
The most difficult would be............................................... I actually had to think about this cause I never really thought about it. I think it would be going to a place that I have never been to and being afraid of arriving late.

10. What is your favorite make up brand local and international? Why?
Locally I could say Ever Bilena because they are changing the formula on their products and they are turning out well, the ones I like are their lipsticks and foundations. I would just suggest smelling their products before you buy because a lot of them have strong scents and you might not end up using them if you are sensitive to smell.

11. How can other Erzulliestas contact you if they need your services?
They can contact me via my email add