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Friday, May 31, 2013


I couldn't sleep last night. There was a lot of creativity going on in my mind. This sometimes gets me asking --- why do all great ideas come at night when I should be sleeping?

Anyway, I was thinking that a lot of people in the fashion polis are saying that Punk will be big next year with the whole Met Gala shibang and all. I was thinking if the Erzulliestas would be ready for some punk action as well? What do you think?

I mean I know you girls would not fully adapt it with the whole working lifestyle and all but maybe we can mold it to your liking, ladies? I mean it is edgy and fierce, what the brand is all about but, you know we dialed down the outrageousness from time to time. Remember this pink fluffy skirt? Hehe yeah... we did that once. 

It (the sketches) started off punk then I went on to Cher of Clueless then married it with Taylor Momsen. Yeah. It's a little confusing. I was also thinking if it is punk enough? Lol I don't want to disrespect the style genre by just throwing in some plaids and studs then I just declare it punk, when the real hardcore actual punks says it is not. Lol. 

These are just sketches of mine anyway.

Any feedback related to the topic is welcome. 



P.S. I am still learning to draw curvy women for sketches okay? Obviously, I have used a template. So please be kind ;)