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Sunday, July 7, 2013


Hello, girls!

I know that our last activity was last Wednesday and there was not even an announcement of a vacation. Well, I did go on a vacation (just a small one) and now I am back a little bit more refreshed and with a little bit more (okay maybe a whole lot more) of a better and more positive perspective about life.

And I know that this is a Monday Mantra, but I needed to share this immediately as inspiration has taken over and I need to let this flow! Hehe. So bear with me.

To be honest, I have been feeling a little bit overwhelmed lately. And sometimes, I wonder if other females feel the same. I feel sad and although nothing is wrong (yes. I repeat. NOTHING is wrong.) I feel so unhappy. This actually makes me feel guilty because I would like to believe that my life is a blessed one (aren't all?) and I feel ungrateful for thinking that all these wonderful things in my life are worth squat.

And so, ultimately, I have realized it is because I am not allowing myself to be happy. Whatever I have right now, although it is perfect, I am craving for something more not because I desire for something more (in fact, I was thinking, if I am not happy with my current state right now, then what do I want? Answer? NOTHING.) but it's because I am not allowing myself to be happy having everything that I wanted and needed in life. It's not being ungrateful. It's me stopping myself to be grateful and being happy on where I am. I am refusing to give myself the chance to relish the delicious life that I have created for myself and for the people around me.

So for all those hardworking Erzulliestas who have it all but still feels nothing at all, I hope that you learn from me. Let's allow ourselves to be happy. For once. Let's just be happy with what we have and what we do... who we are with, what we own, the experiences we have and what we will be. Let's just take a moment and say, "Hey, for a hardworking woman like me, I am great."

It's more than just recognizing your achievements. Life is also about learning how to allow ourselves to enjoy them. After all, the fruits of these blessings that we work hard for, is the point of working.

So for once. For once. Let's just allow ourselves to be happy.