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Saturday, August 10, 2013


It's another Stylish Saturday, Erzulliestas! And for this feature of Saturday Style, we present to you the look of Erzullie designer, Berna Cuevas!

She is wearing the Erzullie Pre-Holiday 2013 stripe top (already sold out, sorry, ladies), folded cuff ripped jeans, black "flatforms" (flat platforms), coloful and constructionist necklace and of course some simple, big studded earring.

What makes this work? First off, Berna's style is usually edgy hipster. As such, this is already her natural style. But we can break that down some more as to what style lessons we can derive from this.

Well there are two contrasting design elements mashed together to create an interesting look and style. The first design element was the stripe which was made more interesting by playing with its silhouette. In this case, Berna tucked half of it in, while the other out to give the stripe print an interesting effect and the top a different silhouette. Then she merged it with the second design element which are the 'rips' on her jeans, which creates that little rebel and casual look.

Capped off with a statement piece that cuts through the print of the top and solid colored shoes, the two design elements are controlled and grounded by these accessories.

For more fierce stripes, visit: