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Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Recently we have been revamping our social pages --- Tumblr and Wordpress --- to be exact. I am yet to decide what to do with our current Blogspot but right now I am pretty happy with it.

Yesterday, I was going insane with the instagram posts. Haha. I apologize to our Erzulliestas who was suddenly flooded with some insane and fierce plus size photos. Majority of them are throwbacks. I can't help it.

I have realized as I have flipped through the pages of our blogs. We have certainly evolved in terms of both content and photos. You know that moment when you try to read your facebook status from 3 years ago and you are like --- "what was I thinking?" Yeah.... I had those moments.

But well, we all grow up now, don't we? I am thankful for everything that we went through as a designer and a business owner. To be honest, I am just very thankful for all the evolution that I have to go through as a person. Erzullie has not only changed a lot of plus size women here and abroad, but personally, it has changed me as well.

I was socially awkward back then. I thought I wasn't but then if I talk to some people in my past, they always tell me that I am so different now. And in my mind, what? I was different? But I felt so cool! Haha.

Kidding aside, we are about to approach our 3rd year anniversary, and of course, we do have our yearly Anniversary Photoshoot special. This tradition started last year and it was just a whim of the moment. In fact when I invited Icons it was like ---- "hey, anyone wants to do this?" and yeap, people just showed up. Haha.

Anyway, this year, it is all about being on the 'next level'. It's not the exact theme of it yet but I will give you assurance that WOW will be your first word when you see it. It features the new batch of Erzullie Icons, Audrey Lee and Kat Lopez.

In connection to that, now that we are approaching our third year, we have realized that as we have evolved as designers and as a brand, our audience is also growing in number and changing geographically. Some Erzulliestas from other countries have been asking us about this.

When will we open to international shipping?

Well the good news is ... soon. The other news is... we need to revamp and actually put up a more trustworthy website. Trustworthy in the sense that it won't crash. Right now we are just at and the free version to be precise. It's not that we do not place much importance for online orders. It is just that we are still building up the proper audience and idea before we launch it internationally. Also we are constantly improving the quality of our products so as to properly represent the pride of our country in being high quality and premiere when it comes to products. So we are definitely working towards that.

Well that is it for now.

PAST: low end content and look of blogs.

FUTURE: International DIGITAL flagship for ONLINE shopping.