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Saturday, August 3, 2013


They say that you should only limit wearing trends into two. Otherwise, you will just look like a walking catalog. But, whatever our Erzulliesta would like, well to hell with all of those fashion rules right?

And so, for this Saturday Style, we feature, Erzullie Personal Shopper, Monica Reyes. This young and vibrant Erzulliesta is wearing the latest Erzullie Pre-Holiday 2013 collection --- the cropped top and the red blazer. With it, she matched it with her printed leggings and these adorable boots!

Why does it work? Well for one thing, being a trendy curvy is indeed Monica's inherent style. So you know that this is her effortlessly expressing herself through fashion. She downplayed the print on print theme with some solids (hence red blazer). She controlled the brightness of the blazer with some dark prints and of course, constructive black boots.

And so for those who wants to brave wearing the trends, the only question is... why not? It's your fierce style anyway.

Find some of these looks in our digital flagship: