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Tuesday, August 27, 2013


In the age where all dreams are possible and the spotlight can easily be grabbed, it seems like nothing can stop us from getting what we want and when we want it, which then begs the question --- do we really have to become everything we ever wanted to be?

We are in the age of career hyper-slashing. A person can be a blogger/stylist/editor/designer/salon owner/photographer/(endless title here) nowadays. I guess with the endless possibilities/opportunities found on and offline, it seems like any dreamer can start taking and screening opportunities here and there to get several career titles. But of course, opportunities mean responsibilities. And the more responsibility that you have, the more effort you need to make and energy you need to invest.

It was with that that I got burned out before. I used to keep this blog (now disabled) documenting my life as a plus size stylist, businesswoman and freelance fashion writer. I have realized through that experience that:

1) Working towards 1 main goal is better than working on several all at the same time (spreading myself too thin).

2) Interests/Talents do not equate to dreams. Therefore, just because I am interested or talented in something, does not mean I have to pursue it as a career.

3) Success is based on the feeling of self-worth you get from work and not by how many tricks you can do for people. 

To be clear, I actually find it amazing for those who are hyper-slashing their way through life. But for me, if doing this means hyper-slashing my way to stress, I guess I would rather take the traditional route to happiness --- pick one dream and work towards it. 

How about you, Erzulliesta? How do you go for your dream? Do you practice hyper-slashing too? How do you cope?