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Saturday, August 31, 2013


Remember when color blocking was a trend? Well it has been a while and it seems like you girls got over it already. But then, I have decided to start adding some back into my life. I have been wearing so much black recently, I just wanted to have some colors to release some of the stress and invite a lot of joy to come back in. Haha!

I am wearing Erzullie's Holiday 2010 skirt.

I know right? It has been 3 years and this design is still applicable to the recent trends of today. So happy that Berna made this skirt.

So what are the style tips that we can get from this outfit?

#1 It's nice to dish out old trends to actually shake up your style.

#2 Pops of color, as long as complimentary, is a great way to liven up your look.

#3 A cropped top looks best with high waisted bottoms for a more no-so-out-there look.

Have a Stylish Saturday, Erzulliestas!



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