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Monday, September 2, 2013


Hello, Erzulliestas!

It has been a long time since we have written a personal note to you ladies. We apologize for that. But you know you girls are always on our mind and the reason that we have been a little too busy to update you ladies about the Holiday 2013 designs is that we are gearing up for the next level of the brand, which we hope can help us serve you ladies better, faster (harder and stronger? like the song? hehe).

Well, September is here. Just a couple of months more and it is already our 3rd year anniversary! As a pre-celebration we are doing an everything Php 300.00 sale via The Fashion Feast event. We are very happy to know that a lot of Erzulliestas are registering and we are looking forward to serving your girls this coming event!

To add, this month is also about the deadline of the acceptance of plus size model applications for The Next Erzullie Icon 2013 search. So far we have received 1,153 model applications (local and international). Again, we would like to thank you girls. We really appreciate it.

We are also gearing up for the Holidays and of course, that means the Holiday 2013 collection. Berna, the reigning designer queen of this season, is working extra hard to make this the fiercest collection that you have seen so far. We are also taking you girls towards a different direction, visual wise. So we hope that you girls will be loving it.

Anyway, for now, that is all ladies. We love you and we hope that you girls would be delighted as we take the brand to the next level with you. After all, you girls are leveling up, might as well catch up with you, right?