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Tuesday, September 17, 2013


We live in an age where individuality has become so important to the point that we feel that any form of ‘conforming’ is someone stepping on our throats. With the rise of rebellious fashion icons --- Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry --- it seems like ‘the devil may care what I wear’ has become the mantra of many.

To some extent this is good, but until when?

There will be events that demands social style protocol. Weddings for example. Unfortunately, there will be individuals that will break the theme. The invitation will state “formal long gowns, suit and tie” yet still we get a woman wearing a short cocktail dress and a man wearing short sleeved polo and black denims.

Even worse. There are directions in the invite that says “no one should wear _____” but expect at least one person to wear it. Then if the couple feels bad about it, the offending guest will have the audacity to call them a ‘snob’ for making it an issue.

Obviously, the guest is wrong. The person is invited to a social and the easiest way to show that you are ready for one is to dress in accordance to the theme. If the person is a true fashionista, showing his/her individuality while having elements of the theme should be easy. Serial stylistas live for the challenge of showing their individuality even with style rules trying to contain them. They don’t always have to necessarily break the rules but they are great with bending them for their personal style.

Hopefully, the art of dressing appropriately will live on. I think that this is the only measurement left to really screen who are just pretending to know fashion and who really knows what it really means for them.



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