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Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Recently, I have asked for new links for local plus size blogs to read and I was sad to know that there are not a lot of them given like before. The number of active ones in my list as well has diminished, and I am wondering why.

I am a blog lover. For me, it is my interest juice given to me in a light concentrate. It takes me away as I wait for the next magazine issues. But recently, my list of local plus size blogs have diminished and majority of them have stopped completely. I used to read around 20+ local plus size fashion blogs, but now it is only around 5-6. And I must say that these last remaining blogs delight me each and every time. Some factors as to why:

#1 They knew who they are, who their audience are and kept it that way, keeping content fresh and developed for their old and new audiences.

#2 They know their image and how to market it through their posts.

#3  Their website is easy to read, navigate and is constantly updated.

But of course, these are just nitty gritty stuff. Ultimately, I think what made them last long is their passion for their job. Serious blogging is hard. It is about constant planning, creating and editing, merging creativity with technical know-how. At the end of the day, the promise of fame and fortune will not be enough to keep these people motivated. These serious blogs exists because, to them, this is their life. It is that beauty that people keep on following them, showering them with support each and every time.

How about you, what do you think makes bloggers last?