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Tuesday, September 10, 2013


I love morena (dark) skin as much as I love white skin. I think that both colors and anything else in between are beautiful. Because seriously, what is the basis of having the most beautiful and ‘fairest’ skin of all? 

I believe only the commercials on beauty gave us the standards. They have to sell and the quickest way to do so is to put fear in mind to call for action --- “Use our product because only light skinned women get the men, fame and attention.”

But the reason that this topic is up is that recently, we have launched the search for The Next Erzullie Icon 2013 (#TNEI2013). I must say that I am weirded out as to why so many applications have this theme on their letters, “I know that I am not maputi, (light skinned) so I know I only have a small chance because I am morena.”

My answer to this would be: “Have you seen, Loren Monares and Jhaki David?” 

Both of them, for me, are morena models. If you think otherwise, I am telling you now that it is because of the lighting or editing of the photo. We do accept morena models. I think that they are fabulous just like anyone else. Who am I to say “no” to that?

Also, as I skim through the #TNEI2013 applications, I have noticed that there are not a lot of morena models vying for the Erzullie Icon spot as well. I am thinking, are we sending out a vibe that we only like light skinned models? 

Well, here I am, officially telling you, ladies. Erzullie wants more of the morena as much as the maputi. Get your curvy butts off that chair and start building a fantastic portfolio!



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