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Saturday, September 7, 2013


For the west, the craze for the cropped top may be over, but here in the East, it's just starting. For the Erzulliestas that bought our Pre-Holiday 2013 cropped top, here is another amazing Saturday Style inspiration for you! We created a cropped edgy look for your Saturday Night Parties!


- Erzullie Pre-Holiday 2013 Cropped Top (perfect for creating edgy and trendy looks)
- Erzullie Pre-Holiday 2012 3/4 sleeve blazer (for those who wants to have both corporate and smart casual looks)
- Erzullie Holiday 2011 purple gathered skirt (for those who are into trendy and cosmopolitan chic kind of styles)

Style Tip: Pair prints with solids that have a silhouette detailing. It created a nice and subtle contrast that makes your style more interesting to look at.



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