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Friday, October 25, 2013


Well, what can we say about the photo shoot tomorrow?

First, this would be one of the most unconventional one that I have ever done. Usually we got things pinned down last year max and 3 months prior. However, this particular collection, everything was last minute.

To my standards, that’s low, but I guess, it has to go on. We only found the best idea on the spot, and Erzulliestas always deserve the best of us. So if this is the route that we have to go through to bring them that, I’ll adapt and take it.

Next, we are somewhat going back to our roots. You’ll figure it out later when the photos come out. Obviously, since Erzullie Icon and Plus Size Model, Loren Monares, is the main inspiration of the collection, Erzullie designer and co-owner, Berna Cuevas chose her to model both the catalog and campaign.

The photographer is the great Mark Alvarez still. He is the one responsible for the raw photos of the Pre-Holiday 2012 onwards.

Finally, since Berna wants to pursue something different, she will be doing the makeup and styling for this photoshoot. So it’s going to be tedious. We are so used to working with a MUA recently so I really don’t know what to expect.

Also, I think this shoot just got even more personal with that.

Well that is our thoughts with regards to the upcoming photo shoot. Wish us great luck, ladies! We really need to continuously become better!



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