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Friday, October 11, 2013


Ever had that moment wherein your whole life is going well and then comes this person that will innocently (or not) just bring a little ‘spice’ into your life?

It could be a relative, a friend, a stranger or just plain you. Things are going well in your life and then some drama appears. It may not really be related to what is happening to you but it happens.

Sure. Not everything can be happy-happy-joy-joy. But the choice that we are facing afterwards is the important part. What do we do? Do we roll over when life tries to balance our feelings with a little sadness?

I suggest that in all our might and power, we should protect our happiness. Why? Because we work hard for who we are and this is our reward --- finding a piece of heaven here on earth. You should protect it even more, if that happiness brings even more happiness for others.

“We should not allow other people to dictate what we can or cannot do”, a quote that I have learned from my previous boss that until now, I apply to my life. Because it’s true. This person, no matter how close to us, is not directly responsible for who we become afterwards. In the end, it’s all about choice --- a choice to move on and embrace the good or the choice to remain and feel bad for what has happened.

So my dear Erzulliestas, I hope that this fierce Friday, always remember “protect your happiness” because you deserve it. Every ounce.



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