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Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Everything is fast now – must our feelings be too?

I remember a friend of mine who has undergone a horrible near death experience. She was angry, confused, tired, depressed, scared etc. All these emotions were just pouring out of her because of what happened.

You would think that people would cut her some slack in trying to sort things out and showered her as much love as possible. Unfortunately, just after one day of the incident, she shared with me that people have been telling her to “get over it” and “get on with life immediately”. And to me, this is preposterous! The person almost died in a very horrific way. She deserves time off.

Don’t get me wrong. I am all about the moving on and embracing the next best thing about life but there are just some moments that you just cannot rush. Example? Grieving about important things that we have lost.

We confuse the definition of strength with the ability of how fast we can brush things off. The truth is, strength is measured with how much stronger you become after that experience, which you get by going through all those feelings to find your strength again.

It’s okay to mourn, feel grief and sadness. What would make it wrong is if we allow it to consume us and we get paralyzed from moving on. As they say, a woman is like a tea bag. You only see her strength in boiling water. So feel free to steep, boil a little and rise above it as strong as you will ever be!

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