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Friday, October 25, 2013


A couple of Erzulliestas is shaking the local plus size scene --- Mitch Cagadas and Lornadahl Campilan, the girls behind Pinay Curvies, have been holding local events aiming to empower plus size women. We sat down with them for a little chat about what motivates them to keep on doing what they do and why go through all the trouble in doing so.

Presently, you are the only blog that actively focuses on local plus size events. Was that the original plan?

Lorna :  I'm under the impression that The Curvy Lifestyle did the same thing before us. It was our vision to make it a smaller world for plus size Pinays. We hope to hold more events that tackle wellness and nutrition, getaway and Philippine Fatshion Week!

Mitch : It was clear that it will be a community centered movement for Filipino women. I'd like to see Pinay Curvies as a well-rounded plus size community.

Where do you get ideas with regards to your events and what motivates you to do them?

Lorna: I got the "swap meet" idea from the plus size community in the US. I was like, "We should have our own gatherings, too!"

I feel motivated because of the fat jokes and oppressive treatment of fat people. I get reminded that we can't fail. It's very rewarding to serve other people.

Mitch : The majority of our inspirations came overseas. Hearing appreciative feedback from curvy women definitely inspires us to do better. Meeting new friends that share the same interests and opinions in life that we find truly rewarding.

What was the most memorable event and how do you girls manage it?

Lorna : I love the Swap Meet & Greet because plus size brands supported us even if we're just newbies and everybody went home happy.

Finding the venue is always the most challenging part. I guess being focused helped us to overcome it.

We both handle our social media presence, but I admit I'm more hands-on about that. Mitch does the graphic design. This is easy because Pinay Curvies is our escape from stress.

Mitch : Swap Meet & Greet, it was our very first event so I'm always sentimental about it.

Money is a challenge but God has proven his miracles.

All praise to Lorna for being socially active. I mostly do technical web stuffs, answering fashion woes and going through every detail prior hosting the actual event. I think it is the sense of professionalism that helped us overcome the challenges. I'm also blessed to have a husband who supports and understand my interests outside our relationship.

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