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Friday, November 22, 2013


#1 What do you think of the current plus size modeling industry?

Based on my own experience, the work available for us is still limited to plus size fashion and food. Even on fashion, it is only now that designers are exploring possibilities. There are limited high fashion exposures and many would portray the plus size people are plain or the butt of jokes, both in print and commercial.

To add, Filipina Plus Size models are not yet being given the same exposures and work as those who are currently working in the US and Europe.

#2 Despite this observation, what do you think are the advantages of being a Filipina Plus Size model?

Filipinas are very versatile in terms of look. A change in hairstyle and hair color, makes them look like a whole new different person. In addition, we, Filipinas, are very good chameleons. Just be given an instruction on what to internalize, already makes them the character they need to be at the moment.

Previously, plus size models only model for clothes, and would only be seen covered and commercial looking. Now we try to do fierce, and try to do the same pegs as regular models would have.

#3 What do you think Filipina Plus Size Models need to do in order to change the “game” as they say?

It means breaking stereotypes. We have to carry the message that “Plus Size” does not mean sedentary. It means accepting the self regardless of size and shape. I hope that it is seen in my works, that being plus size means that I am also capable of doing the same things like those who are considered to be regular size.

For me, “plus” is simply more.  In my case, I am a plus size model so I am sexier, more fierce, more beautiful. Simply just more of everything. As such, be the best you. Never stop learning. Perfect yourself (self-mastery).

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