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Tuesday, December 31, 2013


It’s the end of the year and with an avalanche of “resolutions post”, which shamefully, I will be doing later on, I was thinking about my last and only goodbye to 2013.

So what are the things that I want to leave here in 2013?

#1 The constant self-pity. It’s such an irony that I am promoting “fierceness” when in myself I do not feel or even practice it. But good to note, I am correcting it now.

#2 People that waste my hope. I love seeing the goodness of people, but sometimes when a person does not choose it--- ever, hoping for it is tiring. I’d rather channel my hope to people who uses it to remember their goodness.

#3 Gossip. It’s unreliable and I’d rather be a confidant of someone’s secret than someone telling me about someone’s secrets. It’s more deep and fulfilling.

With that goodbye, what do I take with me?

#1 Good and worthy relationships. I have made so much meaningful connections this year that helped me grow. I will take this with me and nourish it more.

#2 New found skills and solutions. Gone are the days that I feel insecure about my abilities with regards to how to handle Erzullie. I will take this with me and improve them.

#3 The ability to not use social media so much. This year, I was able to train myself to minimize my need to use it personally. I find it liberating and the connections, more meaningful.

So how about you? What are you leaving and taking this 2013?



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