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Thursday, April 4, 2013


When I saw this blue (synthetic) wool in the cloth market, I really got excited. It's a great new texture that will definitely create a specific dynamism in the Corporate 2013 collection.

True to the Erzulliesta request, I have made this blazer, a little bit longer to reach below the butt line. This way, the body looks a little bit more streamlined and the torso elongated.

The cut was also made to create a natural waist line so even if you just unbutton it, the Erzulliesta will not lose shape. The fabric of the body of the blazer is both constructive and stretchable. It maintains a specific shape yet it is stretchable enough to adopt to any upper body curve. This way, whether or not you lose weight, it will always go with you.

The cuffs are also changeable in style. You can fold them back and pull them up for a more casual and relaxed corporate look or you can just allow them to fall until the ball bone of your thumb for that delicate, romanticist touch.

If you wish to purchase this blazer, get it online or you can join us in the Erzullie First Look: Resort 2013 event.