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Friday, June 21, 2013


It took me some time to make this interview final for the great Kat Catapia. After all, she has done so many interviews with us already, I wanted some fresh angle on this one.

To the new Erzulliestas, Kat Catapia is the first ever Erzullie Icon. She was a student of mine in a former school that I have worked in. She is bubbly, likable and a confident plus size woman. At the start of the fashion line, plus size models are sparse. Should there be someone that would come up, they have a lot of restrictions with regards to what they will model. And as most of you may know already, Erzullie is anything but restriction. So I needed somewhat of a miracle back then, and through my office doors, Kat Catapia came to the rescue.

As the brand went on, Kat Catapia, after a long hiatus from the first season of the brand, came back on board as a proper project came for her. It was during the Pre-Holiday 2012 that everything changed for the brand. With her skills and Loren Monares', both of them elevated the brand to a whole new level, giving new vibrance and life to the fashion line. After that, in some sort of magical synchronicity, she also became the Erzullie Icon for the first ever corporate 2013 collection of the brand.

With all these events, it seems like Kat Catapia is always the 'first in everything' but her views on what being a powerful female is differs greatly from that. To her, it's all about using the power you have to make things better. It is with this thought that we have finally solved that mystery as to what makes Kat Catapia such a viable and bankable plus size model and person. She has the "C" factor, and she uses it in all areas of her life to make it a fun-filled one.

Here are her thoughts about the three big C's that she has in her life right now: the Corporate collection, Confidence and of course, being a Chef.

On the current Corporate 2013 collection “Alpha Female”:

I love the corporate collection. The collection brings out the inner tiger of a woman. I actually wear them at work and I got almost all of it already.

This year’s theme was “alpha female” and for me, an Alpha Female knows what she wants to do in her life and knows how to be a leader. Alpha doesn’t always mean that she always has to be on top or be the first but she is a woman of power that knows how to help people perform well to reach the goal. We, as Alpha females, work not for ourselves but for the community to set a better place.

To be an Alpha Female, you just have to believe in yourself and don’t forget to read books. You also need to use your skills to help other people. Reach out to the needy and thank God for all the blessings that He has given you.

On being a confident plus size model:

Education and exposure with other people are some of the factors why I am confident. Head with knowledge can get you anywhere, but knowledge without application is a wasted one. Why not teach other people to impart your knowledge and help them to gain confidence.

I became more confident in plus size modeling because at first I didn’t know that I am capable of doing so. I didn’t know that I can be vain. I seldom take pictures of myself and post pictures at Facebook.

After doing some plus size modeling, I have realized that I can do it. It was my dream when I was a little girl is to be a model. I didn’t expect this but the opportunity came by and I said why not? GO!

When I am in front of the camera a different Kat emerges, this Kat is the fierce one, the serious one. The one who gives orders. Hehehe… I love every shoot of Erzulie. It’s so fun and full of laughter. Makes me hungry!

On being a chef:

I know how to handle a kitchen where all the cooks are men. I use my charms. Those cooks in the kitchen who are older than me are tough but when I use my smile and “pacute eyes” they just follow.