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Sunday, September 8, 2013


Time for a little catch up, Erzulliesta! Check out what happened this week, in your favorite plus size fashion brand, Erzullie! (For last week: The Erzulliesta September 2013 (1))

#1 We sent out a love note as we approached the Holiday 2013 season! (Spoiler, it's not much but we are getting there!)

#2 Monday Mantra: "My style is my personal/public signature"

#3 Erzullie's The Fashion Feast is less than 2 weeks to go! Check out the first 1/2 of the style menu and a well as these amazing style steals:

#4 Tuesday Topic: Outfit. Outpassion. Outlast: Bloggers That Last I miss my local plus size fashion blogs! How come other last, while others fade away?

#5 Wednesday Wear: "Printastic" Shake up your style with some print break!

#6 Thursday Tip: "3 Ways To Shop In A Regular Size Store, As A Curvy Woman Part II" More ways to shop in our current shopping jungle!

#7 Thursday Throwback: "Being A Plus Size Model According To Loren Monares" An insightful way of looking at one's career as a plus size model.

#8 Fierce Friday: "ReKovery: How Khris Guarin Survived A Health Crisis" We catch up with Erzullie Icon and Plus Size Model, Khris Guarin. We did not know that she just survived a health crash. Check out this inspiring interview.

#9 Saturday Style: "Cropped Edge" Don't know what to do with a cropped top? Check out this style inspiration!


#1 Erzullie's "The Fashion Feast Event"

#2 "3 ways to shop in a regular size store, as a curvy woman PART II"

#3 Plus Size Interview: "ReKovery: How Khris Guarin Survived A Health Crisis"


#1 "Dessert #2 Black and white printed leggings"

#2 "Wednesday Wear: Printastic!"

#3 "Plus Size Model Go-See: The Next Erzullie Icon 2013 (#TNEI2013)"