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Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Some of you may already read “this room” and even got introduced to “the dream”, and now here I am sharing my thoughts about “the challenge”.

We are now preparing Erzullie’s first official showroom in Pasig City. It’s a great space for fierce plus size fashion to thrive and for Erzulliestas to gather. The view itself is as beautiful as the women that would be visiting it. And although we have been envisioning this since Day 1 of our fashion line, now that we have it, I find myself confused, tired and tested.

In the process of creation, there were some pitfalls and wins. I thought that since everything is in its place, it’s going to be smooth sailing from here on, but of course, that was a misunderstanding about the whole thing.

One would think that just because you have achieved the dream that you wanted --- that’s it. I was awakened by the fact that a dream does not end. In fact, the going to, getting it and maintaining it is all part of that dream. Even with that, it’s a collection of rollercoaster rides, but the important part is how you take everything in and create what you want in the first place.

Dreams are for the brave, indeed, for getting it is not the only challenge but also living it after.



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