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Wednesday, January 15, 2014


I am an optimist and these are my beliefs: 

#1 I will be the master of my mind. What I think is what I am and what my life will be. If I can think and feel it in my whole body and being that I can have it, then I can receive it.

#2 What I desire and expect in my life must reflect what I truly value. I will love how it looks in my mind but I will also remember to look beyond the physical aspects of it (how it looks eyes front) and how I receive it. I will focus more on the value it brings, knowing that the underlying essence of it is what I truly desire in my life.

#3 Everything that I desire is expected to arrive at the right moment in my life.  Time is relevant and it works in my favor each and every time. As I wait, I will have faith. Faith is the expectation and complete trust in everything that you will receive what you truly desire in the right time.

#4 I will only look at, keep and share things that bring me joy, happiness and love. Anything that makes me feel otherwise is immediately cut off and will no longer have any hold in my life from there on. What I think afterwards is what shapes my present and future life.

#5 I know, above all, what brings me love, joy and happiness in my life. I know how to take care and nurture it, when it arrives, for I am a solid and knowing spirit!



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