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Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Beau Soleil finds herself a man that loves the way that she looks and beyond, so if being plus size is not the problem in getting dates --- why did it end?


A few months back I dated this amazing guy. He is smart, talented and puts a lot of effort into seeing me. I would have to say, he was the best guy I have dated for 2013. It didn’t blossom into a relationship, but we did exclusively see each other. Let’s call him “Jarrod”.

Okay, so if Jarrod was the best guy I dated in 2013, why didn’t it go to a full-time committed relationship? Well, let’s just say, we had different ideas on how to proceed with it, but I had no regrets. When some of my friends found out about the “end” they were like, “But he should be lucky enough to have you. He’s not even good looking and all that!”

That pissed me off.

Dating has nothing to do with how one looks like physically. For me, going out with someone is more of like developing a special connection only the two of you can understand. I’ve had my fair shares of being that insecure girl whom I thought won’t be able to date anyone because I actually thought my being plus size may be a hindrance. But I believe that it actually paved way into meeting amazing men who are not into the superficial things --- example: Jarrod.

And for the time that he and I dated, I can honestly say that everything was real and there was a genuine connection. Every time we went out, time would just fly by. We just jived amazingly to the point that it can be a little scary (in a good way). But in the end we just had different views on how to proceed so it had to end. Sad but true.

So, you see, ultimately a relationship lasts for the connection and not for the looks. Because looks, we can change, but the direction on where it takes, it should always be a one direction thing --- and that is love by the looks of it.


Beau Soleil is a 20 something Erzulliesta currently active in the Metro Manila dating scene. She is a writer by profession and passionate about fashion and beauty. All names are changed for the privacy of those concerned. 


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