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Tuesday, February 4, 2014


We have announced last January that we are going to have a new column for the Erzullie blogs and since February is all about love, we decided to shed light on something that is rarely touched upon locally --- dating as an Erzulliesta (a fierce plus size woman).

We have invited, Beau Soleil, an 20-something Erzulliesta that is currently trying out the dating scene of Metro Manila. Obviously, Beau Soleil (French for “beautiful sunshine”) is an alias and we agreed on this, since she will be sharing her dating experiences with us and you know how Erzulliestas are with their lovers, we don’t kiss and tell --- or maybe at least in a blind item form.

I have read her first article and I am actually excited about it. We will be releasing it within this week so do watch out for that.

Throughout the month, we will be tackling the hard questions like: “What’s the real score about dating as a plus size woman in Manila? Is it really as hard as we think or it’s as easy as a breeze? Where can we find dates? What should we be doing? Etc.”

Hopefully, you ladies find it as entertaining as I did. To add, I also hope that you ladies learn something from it too.



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