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Wednesday, February 5, 2014


We've all done embarrassing things in our lives --- the type that we want to take back and wish we haven’t done. Unfortunately, our past self has passed the baton to the present one and the funny part is that she just said, “Deal with it.”

So what do we do, after all the damages are done? How do we survive that moment that we wish we could have handled differently?

This question haunted me last night. It saddened me, knowing that I can’t take it back. But that is the point --- we can’t take it back. What we can do though is divert the results of those actions to better things. Like turning those mistakes into wisdom that we shall carry on to the future as we deal with life once again. Because life doesn't stop for anyone and we deserve to live it.

In my case, I should have been more polite and mature in dealing with things that is obviously trivial. Feeling vindicated is not an excuse to lose my mind and composure any given moment. And although in my book, I have handled it better than before, I wish that I could have been more loving than what I did. I slipped at some points, but in the good side, I was better than before.

So to my dear sisters in fashion, take comfort in the fact that we have all done things that we are not proud of. But what we can take pride in is how we banish those ghosts of our past mistakes by seeing how we became better from it. These ghosts will always pop in every now and then but it is to remind us of the lessons that we should be practicing in the present.

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