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Thursday, April 10, 2014


So you got everything and you are thankful, but how come you feel like nothing? Here are some reasons:

#1 You are exhausted.

It’s a common “independent woman syndrome”. We work too hard to get what we want and need, to the point that we forget that we also get tired. Even if you are passionate with what you do, just remember that that passion is housed in a body that gets tired and stressed too. So be kind. Take time.

The way to deal with it? TAKE A VACATION. A long one. If you have been stuck in a routine for quite some time, do one last thing that any independent woman would do --- rescue yourself and take yourself to that beautiful sunset of self-care.

#2 You feel unappreciated by others

Women can be hyper-provider at times. The worst? Not to ourselves but others. We love rescuing others more than ourselves and although it’s a noble thing, it doesn’t help for anyone to at least recognize that effort now, right?

Be at peace. It’s not a bad thing to want a little appreciation. In fact, it’s just a longing for us to know if we are still doing the right thing. After all, what if these people never wanted that attention from us? Wouldn’t it also be easier for them to tell us so that we can stop and make them feel comfortable again?

So what do you do? One, cut these people off. It’s harsh. We know. But these people are called emotional vampires and goodness knows that your whole life has a lot of it. Focus on the people that actually do appreciate you. Your life will be so much richer.

Next, maybe demand a little appreciation. It’s really okay. Just tell people that you want to be appreciated. You will be surprised how others will rush in to make you feel that.

#3 You have postponed self-growth for other people.

Change is the only permanent thing in this world. As dramatic as that may sound, it is true. Sometimes we feel that we need to change and grow, but the only thing that is stopping us is the ones that we love. We fear that with this change, some of them might stay, while others leave.

Even though this is true, it’s actually a great thing for you. A true friend/lover is the one that loves you for all of you. If they know that this change is for the best, then they will understand. So if you changed for the better and these people leave --- good riddance! You get to keep those that are really true until the end.


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