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Saturday, May 17, 2014


I know that I will be damned for this post. I ask forgiveness in advance to all those who will be offended, and closure for those who have been waiting for me to say something. After this, I hope that we can just all move on and never speak of it again.  Thank you for understanding.

So there is this post:

“… there’s a great need of beautiful plus size clothing lines here in the Philippine market. All you see in local stores aren’t trendy for young fashionsitas like us, or it’s always too conservative. Not sexy at all…”

I feel that this sentence just disregarded the whole effort of the Philippine plus size fashion industry in general, which is composed of a lot of people and resources just to function, create, update and provide. I am here to share my side of the story --- the perspective of one person that is directly engaged in such industry.

First off, I agree. There is a great need of beautiful plus size clothing lines here in the Philippines. That is why, we, Erzullie, and I’m sure other current Philippine plus size fashion lines are working hard at it. All of us. Not just one. Not just us. Not just them. All of us (main/indie/online/bazaar/small shops etc.) are working on it as hard and fast as we can.

Because at the end of the day, having a plus size fashion line is a business and businesses stay open because of sales. Sales happen when the customer is satisfied and satisfaction happens when we deliver styles and products that match the customer’s preference.

If we don’t serve the customers’ preference, there will be no sales. No sales mean business funds dry up. When that happens, we close. So rest assured that the development of amazing plus size fashion is always a priority for each and every Philippine plus size fashion line. If people feel that we still have a long way to go, I agree, because there is no end in the search of perfection. We can only become better than before.

Next, the trendy level for local plus size stores are all in perspective. For me, I see that current, local plus size fashion lines are providing and constantly developing their collections to be more competitive and fashion forward.

We are talking about Love Curves’ Hollywood inspired collections, Curve Couture’s hard stree-style ensembles, Chubbly’s hipster fashion, Exztra Plus’ affordable casual and feminine clothes, Ward88’s denim and California style, SM ladies’ fashion’s updated general wear, Runway Dream’s colorful skirts, Maldita X’s comfortable and sophisticated styles, Tomato Double Delicious’ edgy high fashion garments etc.

There are other amazing plus size fashion lines out there that I may not have discovered yet or forgot to mention, but just because I am not aware of them or they are not in this list, it doesn’t mean that they do not deserve respect. They may be anonymous to us, but these unknown fashion lines are known to someone whom they have made happy through clothes that day, and that is worth the respect to be given.

In connection with this, I feel so sad because the person is part of a team that actually endorsed some of these plus size fashion lines that we have mentioned. They are wonderful fashion lines and for this person to say that all that is seen around the local stores  “aren’t trendy for young fashionsitas like us, or it’s always too conservative. Not sexy at all…” confuses me. No need to explain. I just want to say it’s confusing.

Furthermore, we have given them clothing in the past to wear and they wore it with pride (or so I thought --- I don’t know anymore). They even visited our booth and I remember a very charming smile and encouraging words, praising our Pink Summer 2012 dress. And for that person to say those words, I don’t know if those words spoken in our booth still count. But that’s just ego. I can take it. No need for explanation either.

Finally, “being too conservative or not sexy at all” is still a style. For me, there is nothing wrong with being too conservative or even the “not sexy”. If that is their style then who are we to judge? Sexy is in the state of mind and not only the clothes.

So there it is. I admit that I am scared as to how people are going to take this. But please take it in good stride and faith. I just want to be given the same respect that everyone else has been giving them --- to freely express my truth as I see for myself.

Thank you.


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