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Thursday, May 22, 2014


There are just some days (or string of days) that we just really feel down in the dumps. Well, time to fight them off, Erzulliestas. Here are 3 ways to make you happy!

#1 Follow Your Bliss

People have been throwing this around like it was a hot potato. But the reason that it has stayed for so long is that, it is true. Following your bliss does make you happy.

So what is following your bliss? It’s about that little bits or moments that makes you feel good to great. Whether it is a coffee in your favorite cafĂ©, visiting a museum, spending time with kids etc. do it! Following your small bliss will make you feel happier and it’s accumulative. It’s like a long laugh trip with friends. It will only stop when you had enough and the aftershock of good vibes last longer.

Take time to follow it, no matter how small or stupid it may seem to people. This is about you, and your happiness is priceless. Focus on that.

#2 Identify Self-Sabotage

Remember that moment when everything is going well and you feel so awesome about it, but then your mind started to think of the worst case scenario? It’s like you have won the lottery and your best friend is never going to be happy about it because she’s jealous. That best friend of yours is actually you. And what she is doing to you is called, “self-sabotage”.

Don’t beat up yourself. Everyone does it. But now that you are aware of it, try to banish those thoughts whenever you can. I mean think about it, everything in this world is 50-50. As much as those bad thoughts can come true, the good things also have the same chance. So why bother torturing yourself with the negatives when you can be at peace looking at the awesomeness of it all?

#3 Hang Out With Happy People

Hang out with people that make you laugh and feel great about yourself. Not only is that more enriching and inspiring, but it will leave you feel more invigorated about your own life.

I am not saying ditch your friend who is experiencing a bad stroke of luck. There is a time to hang out with that person. But if you are looking for a happy boost, (before or after hanging out with that person) then look for the ones who are already happy.

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