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Tuesday, June 3, 2014


They say that you should be as giving and understanding as possible to the people whom you love --- but when do you draw the line?

I am the type of friend that gives it all to my friends. Because of this, I am very selective and I only keep a few. Throughout my life, of course, I have been burned. Some abused my “hospitality”. Some right away. Others took time. But at least, in the end, I have found some diamonds in the river.

I would stay in the friendship and keep it until I reach my snapping point. I can be a very “blind” friend, an absolute loyalist. All that I ask is for that friend is to treat me the same way. Even without the blindness, just the loyalty would do. If not, I have to move on. I would be hurt and would vow to be more aware of that flaw of mine. But I guess it’s that time of my life again.

I have done it again. I have allowed a few people in my life and take them in, only to find out in the end, their heads grew bigger than their bodies and now they feel as if I am their slave, knowing that my love for them is more than my ego. Well no more. I draw the line right there.

I preach about self-love constantly and the hypocrisy that I live is unbelievable. I may love you more than my ego, but I love myself more than it. My "Self" trumps you. I draw the line. And yes, you will not go any further. I may be just one of the billions of people here on earth, but it’s the loyalty of mine that you will miss the most.

Have fun looking again for that kind of friendship.


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