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Thursday, June 26, 2014


We know that Erzulliestas are very interested in their own personal style. Dressing up daily needs a healthy wardrobe to make it all easier. Here are 3 indicators that you have a healthy one!

#1 You know and still wear (almost) everything in it.

You know that your wardrobe is still healthy, if you know and wear at least 80% of it constantly.  Ideally, only 10% of your wardrobe should be devoted for special occasions --- seasonal items, gowns, special lingerie and even costumes for the holidays. The rest should be able to help you keep up with your daily fashion needs. If you find yourself in reverse, then maybe it’s time to re-edit your closet.

#2 It’s perfectly organized.

They say organization is perspective. In a way, it could be. As long as you know and can find everything that you need in a snap, when you need it, then your closet is still in the green zone. A nice tip is to give everyone a front row view. Anything else other than that, well you won’t see until the next closet cleaning.

#3 Mixing and matching your items are very easy.

Another sign of a great wardrobe is that creating a whole new outfit is actually very easy. If you constantly need to buy something to go with something, then maybe you should start to re-think your personal style. You may just be jumping from one trend or another, ignoring your own style ingenuity or you just plain don’t know who you are yet in terms of fashion.

Invest some time in trying to know who you are. Not only is this personally liberating, but the savings that you will make in terms of fashion purchases will be cut in half!

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