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Friday, July 11, 2014


Tomorrow, we will be holding the Trial Modeling Project for the #TNEI2015 plus size model applicants. So, what do I think about it?

Well, the usual “nervous stuff”. In any photoshoot, you’ll never know what’s going to go right and what’s going to go the other way. And then sometimes I am left to wonder if I am strong enough to deal with it. But then, just like any other hyped up reality series, everything always ends up fine. (So that was a waste of paragraph)

Next, I hope that the #TNEI2015 applicants really bring it tomorrow. It’s going to be sharp, focused and quick --- as how we do with the rest of our projects. I really need a fierce plus size model that can deliver on the spot when it is needed and when it is wanted.

Third, people think that it’s easy to make the list shorter and shorter with every step. I’ll be very honest, it’s not. All these girls have something to bring to the table, but ultimately it’s up to them and the projects before us on who will be able to get the final spots for it.

In my mind, I always think --- I only have one shot to make every collection right and I am just thankful for the power of the Universe for always helping me nail it right the first time.

Well, these are my thoughts, as a designer and photographer of tomorrow’s TMP. Good luck, ladies. And I don’t believe in wishing that “may the odds be in your favor” (Erzullie Icon Monica Reyes proved it), I do wish however that may the “fierce be with you”. HAHA!


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