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Friday, August 15, 2014


When Cai Cortez applied for The Next Erzullie Icon 2015 via email, I did not know that she was already one of the rising stars of Philippine Television. She applied just like any other model out there and didn’t throw her weight around, being the daughter of one of the best veteran actors --- Rez Cortez and bagging various TV series and movies already.

Even during the go-see itself, this model arrived early, complied with the requirements and waited with the rest of the models in the designated area. I can hear the chat and laughter from time to time. I knew that she was genuinely having a great time with the other models, who (some) were already starstruck with her presence. But that day, I can tell, for her, she was just like everyone else applying for a modeling spot.

Then came the interview portion and we got to know her even more. I guess if there is one moment that I remembered about her is that she said she wanted to be a “bold star” when she was young. We all had a great laugh with her and her quips. Cai was not only humble that day, she was also very entertaining.

But anyone can be like that, right? The question is --- is she an Erzulliesta? A fierce plus size woman that knew even way before she stepped into the showroom, she was a powerful force of the universe.

The answer was a complete YES! I remembered when she entered the room, wearing model basics and with minimal make up and clean bunned up hair, her mere presence filled the room with the glam-divatude that her soul was been bestowed upon. It was not intimidating. In fact, it was more inspiring and invigorating for everyone.

So what about it, ladies? Cai Cortez is already a celebrity, but does she make you celebrate your fierce plus size side?


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